Devoted: Examining Key Men In The Bible

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Say What?

David praised God regardless to how it made him look.

Breakdown: Dancing has always been a way for people to express themselves, as well as a way to celebrate, but if you are anything like most teenage boys, you don’t really dance much. You just bob your head and move your feet to the music. You’re still dancing, but it is a little more laid back. When I was growing up, “real” dancing was the kind where you moved the living room furniture so you would have plenty of room to get your Kid N Play (yeah, Google them, LOL) moves right. Back then, dancing was so much a part of the culture that every song had a moment designed for you to stop and do a certain dance like the Running Man or the Wop (Google it).

Well, you guys don’t dance like this anymore but you know some of the dances you do participate in aren’t right...but I won’t talk about that here. In this scripture, David is dancing almost out of his clothes because he is excited to bring the ark of the Lord back to its rightful place. David danced so hard that others around him became ashamed of him because they believed his dancing was too much and that he “didn’t need to do all of that” for God. However, those that judged him and his dancing didn’t understand how much it meant to David to have the ark of the Lord back with him.

As a young man devoted to God, you should be like David. You don’t have to dance out of your clothes, but when you are in a place of being thankful to God you should feel free to express your thankfulness without worrying about how others perceive you. David praised God because of what was happening in his life, and that meant more to him than anything or anyone else. You should operate with the same focus and will to praise God for being great in your life, regardless of what others might say or how it might make you look.

Prayer: Lord, today help me to be free in my praise of and for You. Today, allow me to have a true moment of praise for all that You have already done and for what I am trusting You to do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Live it out: Right now, take some time to praise God for what you currently have. Praise Him for your body, for your mind, your house, your parents/guardians, for everything you have. Praise Him in a way that is different from how you normally give Him praise.