Devoted: Examining Key Men In The Bible

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Say What?

David instructs his son on how to live after he is gone.

Breakdown: Has anyone ever left you a note, a letter instructing you what to do while they’re gone? My mother used to leave notes for me that included a list of things I needed to do before she came home. David was old, and he knew he was about to die, so he left his son Solomon (the wisest and richest man ever to live) instructions that would enable him to be successful in life, and, more importantly, to have a successful relationship with God. A devoted young man will follow the instructions of his father concerning his next steps. The Bible is clear that even if you’re earthly father isn’t around, your heavenly Father will lead you the way you should go. (Matthew 6:14). Our heavenly Father wants us to take His instruction as well as give instruction to those who will follow us to help them to grow and be successful in God.

As a devoted young man, this means that you will follow the ways that God has provided, but in order to do that, you must be a “student” of his Word. David was confident that Solomon would follow his instructions because He knew he had invested in Solomon throughout the years. God has also invested in you throughout the years and knows that once you follow His instructions, you will be successful in life and in Him.

Prayer: Lord, today help me to follow your instructions on how I should live my life. Help me to see what gifts and talents you have already given me to help me grow in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Live it out: Today, whether you have your father in your life or not, know that your Heavenly Father has left you instructions to a better life. Look for ways that will allow you to be better than yesterday, seek out a mentor or adult male figure that can assist you on this path.