Devoted: Examining Key Men In The Bible

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Say What?

David was confident that God would fight with and for him.

Breakdown: As a young man, you are confident about tons of things, or at least I was at your age. I was confident that my mother would be upset if I didn’t get the right grades in school. I was also confident that she wouldn’t allow me to do some of things I wanted to do when she came home if I didn’t do my chores (In case you don’t know, a chore is work you do to help your parents out. As a young man you should start asking for some chores to do today…#Justsayin). During basketball season, I was also confident that our team would win if I did my part by following the plays designed by our coach. There are many things in life I am sure you are confident about as well.

However, in today’s scripture, David proclaims his confidence in God to help him win a battle that many thought he would lose. He was confident in God for the same reason many of us are confident in other people and things: because they have a proven track record. David was a shepherd boy, and as a shepherd his job was to protect the sheep. From time to time animals like lions and bears would try to eat David’s sheep, but God enabled David to defeat them. David gave the credit for each victory to God.

Tye Tribett (@TyeTribbett) has a song entitled “Same God”, where he says, “If He did it before, He can do it again”. This is the feeling David had when facing the giant Goliath. Even though Goliath was taller and seemed to be stronger than David, he believed that the same God that helped him kill lions and bears would help him defeat Goliath. As a devoted young man you need to have this same confidence in God and know that whatever God did in the past, he can and will do again.

No matter how large or difficult the issue, God will give you the victory if you trust and believe He will. God wants you to have confidence in Him and what He has for your life despite what it looks like now and despite what other people say can and should happen. A devoted young man believes God passed what he can see, and trusts God beyond what he hears.

Prayer: Lord, today help me to have confidence in You. Help me not to have more confidence in myself or others than I have in You to move and work in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Live it out: Be devoted today in your confidence in God by doing something that shows your confidence in Him. Take a leap of faith by inviting someone to church or even talking with a friend about getting to know Jesus. Have confidence in the fact that God will help you defeat your giants.