Study, Obey, Teach - Ezra 7:10

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Find a Bible.

Hold it in your hands.

Look at it.

Smell it.

Thumb through its pages.

You hold a miracle. Whether digital or paper – it is the revealed Word of God. Breathed out by the Holy Spirit and inhaled by Jesus-followers all over the world. It revives, sustains, and sanctifies us. By it, we live.

For thousands of years, men and women of God longed to see what you hold. The complete and Holy Word of God in a language they could understand and study. Words they could apply and obey. Lessons they could illuminate and teach.

Ezra was one such believer, an old testament priest with a few scrolls to light his path. God chose him to oversee the restoration of social and religious order in Jerusalem after Israel’s return from exile. Ezra became a catalyst for one of the greatest revivals in the Old Testament. 

“He dedicated himself to study, obey, and teach the Word of God.”

Challenge: How do you study the Holy Spirit revealed Word of God?