Experiencing Holidays With Jesus: Happy New Year!


What are you most looking forward to this year? 

You may have a specific dream, goal, or new adventure you’re looking forward to. 

Maybe you’re wanting to create a better relationship with your spouse, children, family members, friends, or church family. 

Perhaps you have a goal of serving more at your church and making a greater difference for Christ.

Maybe you have goals or resolutions to improve your health, overcome a specific sin or addiction, be more faithful in your finances or giving, or to relax and fully trust God in all things.

Perhaps you want to take the time to love and appreciate God, family, and friends more than you already do.

The great thing about the new year is we have the Greatest Friend who will guide, direct, and help us with all of the above!

Through Christ, we have an endless supply or strength, and we truly can do ALL things through Him! God also can do more than we can ask, think, or imagine, so trusting Him with this fresh new year is an incredible adventure and blessing!

Activity: dedicate the new year to God. Ask Him to show you things you’ve never seen...ask God to custom create new adventures for you to enjoy together with Him this year...ask God to accomplish His perfect Will for you and your loved ones.

God is there...and He always cares!

Fully enjoy Him and all He has planned and prepared for you!

Prayer: “Dear Most Gracious Heavenly Father, In your Word, there are so many promises of what You desire to bless each of us with...so many wonderful things in store – if we will love, obey, and trust You. Open our eyes, ears, and hearts to You and all You have planned for us. I pray this year would be our best year yet with You! We are so excited to know You more, love you better, and learn from You each and every day! We love and adore You, Lord! In Jesus precious name we pray, Amen!”