Experiencing Holidays With Jesus: Happy New Year!


Ahh! A brand new year is upon us!

New opportunities for growing deeper in our relationship with God, family, and friends.

New ministry endeavors.

New possibilities for dreams and goals to be fulfilled.

New adventures with God, family and friends.

New occasions for fun and making great memories.

New times of refreshment and relaxation.

New opportunities to learn.

It’s truly a new year of endless possibilities!

Take the time to get together with God and ask Him what He has in store for you. Also share your heart, thoughts, and desires with God about this fresh, brand new year.

Each new year is like an easel containing 365 fresh, clean canvases. Give God the paintbrush and trust Him to create and perfect one masterpiece of a year for you!

Activity: consider reading the entire Bible throughout the new year. It takes the average reader approximately 70 hours to complete this adventurous and most wonderful task. The treasures you’ll find will totally be worth the time invested!

Prayer: “Dear Most Gracious Heavenly Father, we thank You so much for this fresh, brand new year! We can’t wait to see what all You have in store for us and our loved ones! What an incredible adventure how we get to “do life” with You each and every day. The fact You took the time to plan out all of our days for each of us…who can fathom how great and awesome that is? Help us to always be excited about our relationship with You...and encourage us each day to truly be excited about life! What a true gift life is! May we never forget this awesome truth any day of this fresh, brand new, wonderful year. We thank You for this new year – and also for life – and ask You to guide and direct us and our loved ones. We love you Lord! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!”