Bloom: Fresh Devotionals For Girls

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Maybe you’re wondering why I’ve named my devotional series “Bloom.” Not only do I love flowers, I love what they represent in nature. There is beauty in each stage of a flower blooming. From a tight bud to unfurled petals in all their glory, there is beauty. 

I wanted girls like you to know there is beauty in each stage of growing up. Yes, you will experience awkward and uncomfortable times during these years, but be encouraged! You are lovely in God’s sight, no matter what’s happened during the day. There is nothing you can do (or not do) to make you unlovely in God’s sight. He loves to look down on His garden at His children growing at different times and in different ways.

Because of these truths, we have so much to look forward to at each point in our lives. Not only can we trust in the fact that God is taking care of us in this life, we get to spend eternity with Him! We have important purposes to fulfill in this life, and we will have important purposes to fulfill in the life to come.

The Bible assures us that God has good plans in store for us and that we can confidently look toward the future. In fact, one of my favorite verses about the future comes from today’s reading in Proverbs 31.

I love the confidence that flows out of this verse. God doesn’t want us to be scared, timid little girls. God has clothed us with His strength and dignity and He wants us to bloom right where we are planted.

These excerpts are from author Samantha Hanni's Bloom Devotional Series (Bloom Book 1).

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