Bloom: Fresh Devotionals For Girls

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My Savior

What do you think of when you hear the name God? One of the first things that comes to my mind is that He is our Savior.

At the beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis, we find the story of Adam and Eve. They were the first humans ever created, and God provided for everything they could ever need. They enjoyed a healthy marriage, a beautiful garden and zoo to take care of, and lots of love and peace. Their hearts and lives were in step with God, and they had close fellowship with Him. 

Life was perfect.

But when we get to Genesis Chapter 3, things are not so perfect. Adam and Eve are having a bad day. A really bad day. Despite all that God had blessed them with, despite the fact they only had a few rules to follow, they chose to disobey the rules. They decided they were smarter than God. Bad choice.

Because they made that decision, they were no longer perfect. They lost that close fellowship with God and had to leave their home.

Yet God created humans with so much love and purpose, and He still wanted to have a relationship with them. What now?

Instead of leaving Adam and Eve, and ultimately us, to fend for ourselves, God made a way to save us by sending His son Jesus to the earth. He sent a Savior right into the middle of our mess. Even though Adam and Eve (and therefore every human after them) chose to disobey, even though it was our own fault, and even though sin left a horrible stain on us, God didn’t cut us off. In fact, the whole Bible is the story of God making a way to be in relationship with His people once more.

He loved us so much that He sent His very own Son to take our punishment. He made a way for us to still have a relationship with Him. God is many things, but first and foremost remember that He saved us. He is our Savior!