Bloom: Fresh Devotionals For Girls

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Not Yet

Does it ever feel like you are too young to do all the activities you want to do, all the things that seem super fun?

You don’t get to stay up as late as your older sister, you aren’t old enough to drive yet, maybe you can’t get your ears pierced yet.

Too young, not old enough. Not yet.

I got tired of hearing those words when I was a kid. I wanted to be able to do cool things right now.

In the Bible, God often uses young people to do great work in His kingdom. In the opening chapter of Jeremiah, we find God giving a young man an important job. Jeremiah was a prophet, someone who listened to God and shared special messages with God’s people.

We know that Jeremiah was young; he says so himself in verse 6. But God reminded him to focus not on his circumstances, but on the One who made him. 

Jeremiah was still not convinced and he remained unsure of how God could use him. God didn’t want any of Jeremiah’s excuses. For Jeremiah to make excuses made it sound like God had made a mistake, and God never makes mistakes! 

So just like Jeremiah, we can be encouraged when God calls us to do something. He never has the wrong number. He hasn’t picked the “wrong person.” He wants you.

Take some time this week to write out some things that you are good at or enjoy doing. Pray and ask God to show you how He can use your talents and skills, even now, to do great things for Him.