Bloom: Fresh Devotionals For Girls

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After the Storm

Sometimes when it rains, it seems like the sky is crying, doesn’t it? A sudden downpour pounds the ground, flooding streets and trampling poor little plants. Why does the rain have to do that?

What seems like a tragic event for seeds, though, is exactly what they need to move to the next phase of life. Did you know that in order for a seed to fully grow and blossom, part of the seed has to die?

The part of the seed that pushes through the surface of the ground is hidden inside a shell. That shell has to fall off in order for what’s inside to bloom into a beautiful plant. In other words, in order for a seed to become something greater, it must go through a big change.

The same is often true in our own lives. You grow up, you change schools, your friends move away, you move away, your family switches churches, loved ones die…change is all around us and boy, can it be scary. 

But as children of God, we don’t have to be afraid of change. Even when rainy seasons and storms happen in our families, at school, or with our friends, we can still grow through them. They may make us sad for a while. And that’s OK. But don’t be afraid of the changes and tough times in your life. Instead, snuggle close to God and ask what He wants you to learn in this situation. Ask Him what He’s trying to teach you about Himself. And you’ll push through to the surface and bloom like never before.

Remember that God is the author of beauty in our lives. He will never leave something undone or unfinished. You can trust in Him.