Sharing Jesus

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading


Our Bible passage suggests ways in which we can share the gospel: speak tenderly, cry, herald the good news, and speak without fear. 

I had just finished speaking to a small group of non-Christians and a funky looking young man came to me in tears. He shared something very peculiar. He was worried that his hair was falling out and that he could not do anything about it.

I realized that we all have something that we are afraid to lose. I also realized that we all hold onto something that we think is so significant that losing it we lose ourselves. 

We are dependent on things that are transient. It might be beauty for some. It might be work for others. It also might be our image. These are all very legitimate concerns. In fact, they correlate with the image of God in us, which is Beauty, Goodness and Truth. 

But our interpretation of our loss has a lot to do with our misunderstanding. Some of us put undue emphasis on external beauty so that we forget that what remains is inner Beauty. We then put undue emphasis on our positions and job-titles that we forget that Goodness is what remains. Then we tend to create an image of ourselves forgetting that Truth is the best criterion of image. 

Isaiah 40:8 says everything will fade away but the “word” of our God will remain. Word signifies truth, goodness and beauty. Jesus in John 1 is called “Word”. If we allow the “Word” to enter us we are actually opening ourselves to truth, goodness, and beauty. Our fears can be put to rest because we are replacing transient beauty, work, and image with eternal beauty, goodness, and truth. 

Let us remind others that Christ, like a shepherd, helps us make this transition gently and with love. (Isaiah 40:2&11).