Sharing Jesus

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Just as John had the solemn responsibility of ushering in our Lord’s ministry, we too are invited to be his forerunners because Jesus is coming again. What are we expected to do? Share Jesus’ repentance and forgiveness. 

There are many people who struggle with the burden of guilt and shame. Stanley Jones speaks of this particular priest with whom he had been sharing the gospel. The priest requests Jones if they can continue their friendship even if he did not accept Jesus. The latter agrees. A couple of years later the priest declares to Jones that he had become a Christian. 

Stanley Jones was curious, so the priest explained that while he was married he started an affair with another woman. His wife found out but chose to forgive him. While that was a sacrificial gesture, he couldn’t forgive himself. That is when he realized that he needed forgiveness from God and he then realized the importance of the offer that Christ makes. 

Jesus not only removes guilt, he begins to bring about order in the life of the person who accepts him. Luke chapter 3:5 says that once Jesus enters, he reorganizes everything. He will change the whole landscape of our life, if we are willing. He is the Tsunami that enters our created chaos and recreates beauty and truth in us.

That is the salvation of God that we proclaim!