Sharing Jesus

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


Over the centuries people have been seeking God and trying to figure him out. So God decides to show up and put to rest our restless seeking in the dark so that we may now seek him in the light. 

Let’s just imagine that you have been taught about a certain king. You were told that he is short, fair, thin and with fuzzy hair. His temperament was authoritarian and cold as he has shown only stray cases of forgiveness. You decide to go look for this king. On the way you realise that the king has come searching for you on the very same path that you had taken. 

Initially you look at him and recognize him from the description you are familiar with. You look at him and realise that he is indeed thin and with fuzzy hair but unlike the earlier picture, he is actually quite tall and tanned. His temperament, although authoritarian, is also very loving and kind. 

Currently you are left with two choices. Although he resembles some of what you imagined him to be, yet after meeting him he has called into question many of your previous assumptions. Now having met him you update your image of him and accept him as your king. 

The other alternative is you are disappointed that he does not fully fit your image of him and so choose to reject him. 

The choice is yours. He comes to give you light, but you choose darkness. He comes to accept you, but you reject him. It seems as though you would rather continue in the dark than choose the light because it does not fit your description. However, if you are sincerely seeking you will realise that your searching was actually God working in you.