Sharing Jesus

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We meet different people every day. Each of these people have struggles they try to cope with in different ways. However, when it comes to sharing the gospel, though people are different, we tend to use the same approach that we used on someone else. 

A common impression is that most non-Christians come to Christ because of a miraculous event. So sometimes people tend to use miraculous personal stories to convince people of the truth of the gospel. At one such event one of the participants, a seeker, said to me, “I’m fed up with these stories of miracles. In my religion people follow one guru after another because of some miracle that they experienced. I don’t care for miracles. If Jesus is truly God, then even if he does not perform a single miracle for me I will follow him.”

In our text today Jesus performs a miracle not only to reveal himself but to relieve the burden of the blind man. This man was born blind and his only identity was that he was cursed. Jesus relieves him of this burden when he says that he is actually an instrument of God to showcase his glory. At this moment, I believe if I was the cursed blind man, even if Jesus did not heal me, just to hear the words that I’m not cursed and that I’m an instrument of God, would have been sufficient for me. 

The gospel we share is a relief for those who feel cornered and cursed. To feel cornered and cursed is a very dark place to be in. Darkness can enter us because of a deliberate choice or because we happen to be in situations where darkness just seeps in. It is understandable why these people struggle to navigate reasonably. It is in contexts like these we need to offer Christ as light who relieves us from the burden of darkness.