What The Bible Says To The Business Leader

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Obey God's Word in All Things

The most important thing you can do to achieve success is to make God's Word the basis for your life and your job. God commanded Joshua to obey everything that Moses had written, all of God's Holy Word at that time. He has also commanded you to obey all the instructions of His Word, both in your life and in your work. 

Without question, obeying God is not always easy. He knows that adhering to His Word will force you to make difficult choices and take bold stands. At times, you will have to act according to faith rather than according to details, data, and trends. 

Knowing this, when the pressure is mounting not to follow God's Word in some area of life or business, you should cling to God's promise. You should believe that He will keep His Word. Indeed, if you will obey His commandments and operate by the principles of His Word, you will prosper. That is God's promise to you. He will bless and honor your commitment to Him. 

Study Questions:

  • Is it hard for you to trust and obey God's Word while at work? How can you challenge yourself or others to adhere to God's Word while at work?
  • What is a daily practice you can incorporate to help bring you back to the truth of God's Word?

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