What The Bible Says To The Business Leader


A Spirit of Service

How can we develop a spirit of service within our circles of work? How can we inspire every employee to adopt the attitude of a servant? In John 13, Jesus shows us the most effective way for those who work to achieve this lofty goal. We are to set the example of service ourselves. We need to view ourselves as servants and demonstrate a servant's attitude to everyone else. This is exactly what Jesus did. He taught His disciples to serve by serving them. He, the very Son of God Himself, their Lord and leader, washed their feet - the lowest task of the lowest servant of a household. Just as Jesus did, we should model the attitude of a servant toward every employee and every individual with whom we work. We are to take on the very nature of a servant, embody it, and illustrate it on a daily basis (Phil 2:7). 

Remember what Jesus taught: the way to success is not through position, power, or authority, but through heartfelt service to others (Mt. 20:26-27). We will be successful in life, in work, and, above all, in Christ's kingdom when we walk in our Lord's humble footsteps of service. 

Study Questions:

  • Is it hard to see yourself as a servant to your coworkers?

  • Is there a spirit of service at every level within your workplace? If not, how can you encourage change?

  • What is a specific way you can show servant hood on a daily basis?