What The Bible Says To The Business Leader

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Strive Daily to Glorify God 

"Will it glorify God?" You should always ask yourself this question before making decisions. As Scripture so plainly teaches, everything we do should bring glory to God. Your commitment to glorify God should extend to the way you work, or to the way you conduct yourself in your position of leadership at work. 

God is glorified through your work when you...

  • conduct your work in a way that pleases Him

  • conduct yourself - your attitude, words, interactions - in a way that pleases Him

  • value other individuals, treating each one fairly and respectfully

  • use your position to advance the cause of morality and righteousness on earth

  • acknowledge Him as the true owner of your business and view yourself as a steward over it

God is glorified only when every facet of your work pleases Him. This should be your constant goal and driving motivation as you go about your everyday tasks. 

Study Questions:

  • Is glorifying god at the forefront of all that you do in work?

  • What can it look like for you personally to glorify God in your current role?

  • Are you often tempted to use unethical behavior for a seemingly noble cause?