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The Story That Never Ends 

God’s salvation has come, and many have experienced it. But what now? What do we do in the meantime? 

Well the truth is that your eternal life has already begun. We are created with eternal souls, and God wants you to choose to spend eternity with Him. You are living it right now if you have looked to Christ for salvation. Regardless of your social status, age, race or gender, you are in the amazing story that will never end. We trust you have found your place in God’s divine timeline with other God followers. 

But a fair question to ask is, “Is the Good News for you also good news for others?” (Matthew 28:19-20) 

Often we must wait for weeks or months after seeing an exciting movie trailer for the film’s release. We anticipate, we buy advance tickets, we Google news and reviews about the movie. We are anxious for the movie experience because we all love a great story! You can just hang outside a theater after a new movie opening and get a pretty good taste of what happened inside. If it had lots of great twists and turns, heroes overcoming challenges –  along with and some great visual effects – you will likely hear some excited chatter. And what else do we do after we see a movie? If it doesn’t meet our expectations, likely not much. But if it rang the bell – watch out! Social media will light up with our excitement. 

But how excited (Romans 12:11) are we to share the Good News we have seen, heard, and experienced? 

The closing of the “Narnia” series, an allegory about the Christian life, puts it this way: “Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before” (C.S. Lewis, “The Last Battle”). 

Even though eternal life has already begun for us who know Christ, our lives here can sometimes be extremely painful, difficult, and even exhausting. We might even wonder if the whole story is true. But God closes out the last book of the Bible with a ringing promise that, if we have made him Lord and Savior, our current challenges and pain will one day disappear like a bad dream. We can enter that time where He has prepared the glorious story to continue on in a new and exciting dimension. This story ~~  –  ~~ you do not want to miss (Revelation 21:4-5).