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It's Time Baby! 

Finally – Christmas has come! Or our birthday or a special event has arrived, or a new baby has been added in o the family. Fill in the blank. When the right time comes it feels good.  Really  good. 

When it comes to God’s greatest gift we can be totally certain it came at the perfect time. We might be limited in our understanding of space and time, but God knew with perfect accuracy the perfect time to send His perfect son to mankind (Galatians 4:4). 

There was a great anticipation among the Jews regarding the time when the Messiah would come. (Being ruled and dominated by Roman overlords helped make the Jews even more eager for a Messiah.). In a societal sense, Rome had unified much of the world under its government, giving a sense of cohesiveness to the various lands, and a great travel infrastructure was in place. Though the Romans had conquered militarily, the Greeks had conquered culturally. A common trade language was spoken throughout the empire when Jesus Christ came to earth. 

False idols of the many people groups had failed to give them victory over the Roman conquerors, causing many to question those idols. Greek philosophy and the science of the time left some spiritually empty in the same way that the atheism of communist governments leaves a spiritual void today. The mystery religions of the time emphasized a savior-god and required worshipers to offer bloody sacrifices, thus making the gospel of Christ which involved one ultimate sacrifice believable to them. The Greeks also believed in the immortality of the soul. 

And the Jews — they had been long waiting for their prophesied messiah. 

God’s time had come – and with it – a baby (Luke 2:6-7).