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The Long Wait 

Most likely every God follower has wrestled with the question, or pondered aloud, “Why is God taking so long?” God may be many things, but a microwave God He is not. The God of the universe moves in His perfect time in ways we will never understand with our finite space and time-limited minds and lifespans. The timing of The One who sees over the expanse of eternity past, the present, and the distant future can be trusted with His timetable. 

The people of Israel waited thousands of years in anticipation of God’s Messiah. They had a golden age under kings David and Solomon. Then came rapid decline and apostasy resulting in the exile of God’s people. To top it off, God’s chosen people experienced 400 years when God sent  zero  prophets or new revelations. How is that for a feeling of abandonment? 

But what about us - can we trustingly wait a few days? A few months? A few years? A few decades? What is your QTH (Quietly Trusting in Hope) quotient? Whether waiting in checkout lines, the doctor’s office – or for answered prayer – our trust in God’s timetable can begin to wear thin. But God promises if we wait for Him, He will do amazing things (Isaiah 40:31). 

Scripture teaches us that God’s timetable is absolute perfection (Habakkuk 2:3). We can look behind and see how He has been using human history towards His purposes. We can look around and see regularly how God works, protects, and preserves in our lives today. That is a pretty strong precedent, so we can also trust Him as time moves forward. Time was, time is, and time always will be on a divine schedule and timetable. 

Just like we can sync our laptops, phones, and devices so they all have the same data, let’s seek to sync our lives, service, ministry and personal calendars to His perfect calendar (I Peter 5:6).