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The Start of Salvation

Where did God’s redemption story really begin? Did it commence when Jesus was born? Did it start when God instructed Moses to start offering animal sacrifices? Or did it start when God killed the first animals to provide garments for Adam and Eve?

Actually, you must go further back. Like - much further back.

Try before God created time and space. God’s plan for the redemption of His highest creation started way before anything was made. It started in the divine heart and character of God Himself. God had a special and unique plan for redemption that will only be totally understood in its entirety in eternity. God had a plan for the eternal redemption of those made in his image and He set this plan it into motion even before He set the sun in our solar system.

We might become numbed to hearing the salvation story every Sunday from our pastor or Bible teacher. Maybe the familiarity of the story can cause us to lose the wonder of a magnificent story that began with God.

Have you ever put a lot of planning into something special for someone you really care about? Making reservations, saving money, laying out a plan, hiding gifts, and anticipating how the recipient would respond to this gift? Then you have a slight idea of what God has been planning for eons. Salvation is, and will be, the greatest gift ever!

Thank God today for His plan that started in eternity past and how He planned to include you in this great and magnificent story – a story that will keep on going.

To find out more on when God devised this salvation plan check out (Ephesians 1:4).