Looking At The Details—Prophetic Gallery Series



Thoughts on the Passage

Worship is one of the themes of this section. More time is spent in worship than in any other single event. So to look at this section of Revelation and not take time to look at worship is missing much of the point of what God wants us to see.

There are two key things we see about worship. First, heaven is full of worship. When we get there, we will join in what is already filling heaven—the sound of praise and worship. We are not the ones who start it, and we are not the only ones capable of releasing worship to God—heaven is full of worship. The angels sing, the elders worship, the 4 living creatures worship day and night. There is much that we will learn from these who have worshipped long before we get there.

Second, there is a crescendo happening. That means that worship grows. Worship keeps increasing numbers—more join in as they form part of the throng. Worship also increases as God’s plan unfolds. That means that fulfilment of events causes those worshipping to go to new levels of worship. This is seen in the passages (especially ch. 5) where the end of one portion of worship becomes the start of the next segment of worship. Chapter 5:12 ends with “praise”—chapter 5:13 starts with “praise”. You can follow this concept all the way through chapter 4 and 5.

Third, there is a return to the beginning. Chapter 5 ends with the same words that started everything in Chapter 4. In music terms there is a repeat—do it all over another time. This time with greater understanding and passion. Finally, it ends this way—it never ends!! It goes on forever and ever (Revelation 7:12). There is continual growing crescendo of worship that will go forever. 

And you thought some songs would never end on Sunday morning!!


Father, worship is going to be something special in heaven. It is going to be the most amazing thing that we ever experience. The fact that there is worship going forever and ever encourages us to learn how to do it down here on the earth. It is not something that we will be tired of. It is something that will draw us into You and Your presence. Help us to learn to love this now. Help us to learn to love worship, praise and honoring You this way. Finally, give me a desire to grow in worship. There is so much that can be learned, and so much that can be released through worship. Help me start here—everyday. In Jesus' name. Amen.