Looking At The Details—Prophetic Gallery Series

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Jesus and the Churches  

Thoughts on the Passage

As we look through the various sections of the book of Revelation, we will see a pattern unfold. This pattern gives a picture at the beginning of the section and then revisits the picture at the end of the section. There is a difference and this difference is significant. In this section, the letters to the churches (Revelation 2–3), we see the Revelation of Jesus. This revelation starts with Jesus in charge of the Churches; He holds the churches in His hand and He is walking in the midst of the candlesticks (the churches). He is active, He is in control, and He is at work among the churches. Throughout the letters, we see this as well. Each letter picks up a piece of the revelation of Jesus from chapter one and applies it to each of the churches. It is powerful and personal.

However, Jesus chooses to reveal Himself differently at the end of the last letter to Laodicea—He is outside the door, and He is knocking to be allowed inside. Why does the King of Kings and Lord of Lords need to knock to be let into His own house? Why does He need to wait to be let into His own house? Why does He wait—as if He is a guest, or a visitor?

In addition, when He comes into the house, He comes to fellowship—as a dear friend. He wants this level of relationship with the church, and not to come in with a heavy hand, a commanding presence or the owner taking charge. Even though He has the right to do all of these things, He seeks to come for another reason—fellowship. 

If I took the first picture of this book of Revelation and then compared it to the last picture in the book, I would get an understanding of why Jesus chose to end His letters this way. The first picture is the powerful Jesus working in the middle of His Church. The last picture is of Jesus with His bride—the Church (the people of God). It is an intimate relationship that will last for eternity. Heaven will be this intimate time, this deep fellowship time and this growing understanding and love of one another. And Jesus wants it to start right now. It takes some effort though. It takes some cleaning up in our lives though. And Jesus is willing to knock and wait to be allowed in to see it happen.


Father, how easily I forget that Jesus wants a pure spotless bride. This is not just an exercise in cleansing. It is the preparation for an eternal relationship with us. I so easily live with brokenness and hurts. I so easily live below what You desire for me. I so easily misunderstand and get offended by the challenges and unfairness of this world. I so quickly get blinded by this world and the way it looks at truth, humility and holiness. Then, I see Jesus. I see His passion for His Church and His desire to see us as His pure spotless bride. His desire to have us with Him in relationship for eternity is so amazing. Today, I choose to take time with Jesus and just be in fellowship. It is the way I am created to be and the way I want to be. Give me a quiet heart in His presence. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.