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Text. Snap. Tweet. Post. Update. So much to do on our devices and so little time! That’s why so many people stare at their phones while walking, sit in restaurants barely speaking, and have fooled themselves into thinking they are pros at texting while driving. 

Phones, computers and tablets have become high priority and are full of what feels like daily “have to’s.” I have to update this post. I must check my status. I need to take this pic. I have to send this text now. Download more apps, more games, more movies, more books… Is there ever a stopping point?

I can already hear excuses for your devices. “These apps are helpful.” “I play these games with friends.” “These movies aren’t bad.” “Books are educational.” Good points, but not the real issue. Let’s talk about you. How do others see you when all they see is your face illuminated by the glow of your device? Can you really be honest about the time you spend on your device?

Too often when we allow a device, and all its apps, to take charge of our time, it leads to isolation - physically, emotionally or spiritually. We become consumed by other people’s lives (or what we think their lives must be), overly fascinated by the latest games, obsessed with TV series and we are even easily distracted by “good” things that ultimately sidetrack us from better and the best (family, friends and Our Savior). 

A solution: Community 

Make a decision to purposely step away from your device and step into community. Realize the satisfaction you are searching for will never be found in any app, game or movie; it can only be found in Christ. He created you for community in the body of Christ, and so often devices hinder and distract from this. Hebrews 10:24-25 provides a great reminder that we are to urge each other to love one another and do good, kind works, while also “not neglecting to meet together…” It is a little difficult to “meet together” in community when you are having so much alone time with your device. 

Prayer: Dear Savior, Thank you for choosing to make me a part of your community. Make me aware of how much I am distracted from You by the use of my device, and let there be a real change in my life that glorifies You. Amen.