God’s Advice For Husbands

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading


In what ways are you encouraging your wife to use her gifts? Most certainly she’s more gifted than you are in some areas. Without a doubt, she’d love for you to come alongside her and help identify and encourage her areas of giftedness and help launch them into the world. 

Here’s how you can help make this happen: 

1. Pray with her

Seek God together so you can find out his will in the matter. It could be that he’s calling your wife to something that’s not yet known or revealed to either of you. Or it could be God will confirm something you’ve already suspected. But first, go to him together in prayer. You may be surprised what he reveals.

2. Ask trusted friends

Get input from faithful friends and family who know your wife well, especially if they’re more mature Christians. Where do they see her as being especially gifted? What could they see her doing that she’d really enjoy and that would help advance the Kingdom of God? Often other people can see things we husbands don’t.

3. Watch what she does when duty-free 

We all need to set apart time in our daily or weekly schedule to do whatever we may want—our duty-free time. Watch carefully what your wife loves to do with hers. How your wife spends her duty-free time will give good clues on what makes her heart sing. Observe how she uses her time off, and you may gain insight into knowing where to encourage her gifts to be used.

4. Open doors for her

As your wife’s gifts, passions, and desires start to surface, find people who can help open doors for her. Find ways to make things happen. Help your wife network with others and come up with ideas that would help launch her gifts.  

5. Be her biggest cheerleader

First Thessalonians 5:11 states that we’re to encourage one another as followers of Jesus. Shouldn’t that begin with our spouse? Shouldn’t you greatly desire your beloved’s success—even above your own? 

6. Launch your gifts together

Here is one final point of advice: As you encourage your wife to discover her passions, try to find those areas in which you share similar giftedness. When you do, if possible, try to find ministry and service opportunities you can do together. These experiences will draw you closer like nothing else. 

  •  When can you set aside time this week to pray with your wife about her gifts?  

  •  How can you begin encouraging your wife today about using her God-given gifts?  

  •  Are you your wife’s biggest cheerleader? Do you want her success above even your own? 

  •  Who are the people involved and invested in your wife’s life from whom you could gain insight regarding her gifts and passions?