God’s Advice For Husbands

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While your wife desires a husband who’s a heroic warrior, she also desires him to show humility

Consider this: How is it possible for us to be proud if God made everything from nothing? Everything in this world, including all humanity, came from God’s sovereign hand. In recognizing this truth, we should all cry out as the psalmist did, Who am I that You are mindful of me? (paraphrased from Psalm 8:4).

Every inhalation of our next breath, every bite of food, every piece of clothing, every friend we cherish, every possession we have—everything—comes from the God who created everything from nothing. Our only posture in life should be one of humility. Every human is a beneficiary of grace.

While this in itself is amazing and beyond belief, there’s more. Because of the selfish condition that our flesh takes on from the moment of our conception, we’re hopelessly separated from our Creator. Our puny works can’t ever make us righteous before his perfect holiness. It’s impossible. A perfect and holy God can never allow the imperfection of sin and those who commit it to draw near to him.

But God, in his great mercy and love, made a way for us to be with him forever by putting on human flesh in the form of Jesus. He lived the perfect life we couldn’t live because of our sin. He died in our place on the cross, taking our sins upon himself, something he didn’t deserve. From him we can receive the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life, something we don’t deserve. We can have new hearts. We can become new creations. The old has passed away and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). 

Because of this simple Gospel, where our Creator makes us new creations, there’s no response possible other than humility and worship. When a husband truly understands God’s grace, worship becomes a joy. He hungers to worship with his wife. He hopes his children will see him as a true worshiper of the one true God, a worshiper filled with humility.

A wife who knows that her husband is a humble, thankful worshiper can trust him to lead wisely. She knows he’s humbly submitted himself to a King who lovingly leads him. She knows he has her and the family’s best interests at heart. She knows humility is akin to honor. 

A humble husband who honors God will also want to honor his wife. 


  • How often do you allow yourself to meditate on the reality of our situation as saved sinners?

  •  Do you fall victim to forgetting about the basics of the Gospel and the response that it requires? 

  •  How can you walk in humility and remind yourself daily of the response that God’s power and love require? 

  •  How can practicing humility and worshiping a perfect God translate into helping you be humble and loving toward an imperfect spouse?