God’s Advice For Husbands

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Dudley Do-Right was a much-loved cartoon character who bumbled and fumbled his way toward heroic success. Often after he’d delivered the damsel in distress, she’d coyly sigh and say to him, “My hero!” 

Some might suggest that the saved damsel’s praise of Dudley’s heroism is misogynistic drivel. I don’t think so. I think most women yearn for their husbands to be heroes. They want to believe their husbands are willing to sacrificially die for them as Jesus did for the church (Ephesians 2:5). 

That’s true love—not some syrupy, ever-changing feeling, but the willingness to die so the other can live. Jesus said there’s no greater love than that of laying down one’s life for another (John 15:13). This type of self-effacing, sacrificial heroism enhances the wife’s respect toward her husband. And respect is what a man longs for from his wife (Ephesians 5:33).

Similarly, she yearns to see his heroism take strong stands. She wants to see him as a mighty, ferocious warrior, dressed for battle, someone doggedly fighting for truth, justice, goodness, fairness, and righteousness.

These strong stands may be reflected in a stand for all life—in and outside the womb. Or perhaps it’s a commitment against sex trafficking. Or maybe it’s being an outspoken advocate for racial equality. Or perhaps it’s a dogged stand for justice for the disenfranchised and marginalized in our world. Maybe it’s working to ensure all have clean water and food. Or perhaps it’s a desire to reach the world for Christ.

Wives hunger for husbands who are heroes. These kinds of strong convictions honor our wives. Be the hero she needs to solidify respect in her heart.

  •  Would you say this heroic, sacrificial love is a character quality that describes you? 

  •  Would your wife say this is a character quality that describes you? 

  • How can you better mirror the sacrificial love that Christ has for His people to your bride?

  • Is there an injustice in the world that you’d fight to end?