Popular In Heaven, Famous In Hell

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DAY THREE: Be Grateful. Always.  

It is one thing to impute joy to a trial by not grumbling, it is quite another to maintain a lifestyle of thankfulness. Gratitude. Saying “thank You” to God for every single thing you should be thankful for. Every day. You may not feel thankful for a trial at first, but you can be thankful in the trial while it lasts.

We need to develop a lifestyle of gratitude.

The doctrine of sanctification is essentially the doctrine of gratitude. Sanctification is not what saves us; sanctification—living a holy life—is saying thank You to God. If sanctification saves us, then salvation is by works. But salvation is by grace through faith alone (Eph. 2:8–9). So why live a godly life? As Dr. D. James Kennedy used to put it: it is like a PS at the end of a letter when we say, “Thank You, Lord, for saving my soul.”

Do you want to be popular in heaven? Be a thankful person. Thank God for every single thing He does for you. Suggestion: think of at least three things a day to thank Him for before you go to bed each night; heaven is watching.

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