Popular In Heaven, Famous In Hell

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DAY ONE: Would You Like to be Famous?  

Imagine there is a meeting in hell. Millions of demons are present and the devil himself is working the room. Suddenly you hear him mention your name. At first you are surprised—even a little afraid. But then you remember that some other names are known there too.

The demon said to the imposter in Acts 19:15: “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” And suddenly you realize that your life has made a difference in the battle between good and evil.

Being famous in hell is quite something. But on its own it’s not enough.

My dear reader, life is short. The things that grasp our attention now will one day seem like mere trinkets. Every day we breathe in and out—in and out—thousands of times a day. There is a day fixed, that unless Jesus comes first, you and I will only breathe out. No amount of money, power, or prestige can alter the date that we each have with death. And at that moment the only thing that will matter is whether we have known Christ and served Him well—that our lives have made a difference. In short: that we are popular in heaven—and famous in hell.