In Pursuit Of Excellence

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It is a Heart Issue

In the world we live, excellence at work is often measured by results, but God looks at the motives of our heart. What is your motive behind your efforts? Is it to get more money, recognition, power and success? Do you compromise on your time with the Lord and your family in order to be successful at work?

King Solomon realized this when he wrote in Proverbs 4:23, [WEB] Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it is the wellspring of life. The heart is capable of great good and great evil. If our motives are self-serving, we can artfully manipulate and deceive others through words and deeds into doing what appears to be the right thing but for the wrong reasons (greed, recognition, power, etc.)

Today’s verse commands us to work with all our heart as working for the Lord and not for men. It also reminds us that the reward comes from the Lord. Interestingly, it does not define the type of work or quantify the end result! All we are expected to do is to work with all our hearts and give our best, bearing in mind we work for the Lord.

Two years back, the organization I was working for was taken over by the company I currently work for (which was not my choice in the first place) and my heart got disconnected with my work and my performance dropped significantly. I became desperate to change my job until God nudged me through today’s verse. The first year of this change was most difficult to handle until I found both direction and comfort in God’s word. My heart connected back with my work and I came to the realization that God foreknew this acquisition and had a purpose for placing me in this company.

The on-going question in the heart of a leader is this - ‘who will I worship, and who will I serve?

Lord, help me to work with all my heart unto You today and in the days to come and not to be distracted by the earthly rewards. Increase my faith and give me patience to wait upon You to reward me in Your time. Amen