In Pursuit Of Excellence

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Productivity and Teamwork

Productivity and effectiveness are two key essentials to excellence. One can be highly productive compromising on quality or effectiveness of output. Likewise one can be very effective but not produce the required quantum of output. One of the key reasons for less than optimal output or productivity is that our work is not necessarily linked to our gifts.

In one of the surveys done by Harvard Business School covering over one million people of the work force across 110 countries, a question was asked – ‘how often do you get to use your highest gift at work?’. Less than 20% answered in the positive!

As the Bible teaches us, each one of us are given different gifts and today’s verse exhorts us to use whatever gift we have received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. This is when we will be operating at the optimal level of our potential.

God gives different gifts so that we can work and excel as a team and not as an individual. This is demonstrated in our every day work too. For example, a doctor performing a surgery requires the support staff that excels in their respective areas and together they make the surgery successful. Another example is a Formula One race.

Are you trying to excel as an individual? Try to excel in a team environment and encourage other members of the team to excel in their areas of strength and together you will be a high-powered and high-performing team!

Remember Jesus picked up His disciples from diverse backgrounds and with different gifts and always sent them in pairs and never as individual contributors.

Lord, thank You for the gifts You have given me and making me understand how You expect me to use them to serve others for Your glory. Thank You for the gifts You have given to my colleagues. Help me today to be a good team player and an encourager. Amen