In Pursuit Of Excellence

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Who Am I, Whose Am I?

Within three months of joining a nationalized bank at the age of 20, I started thinking about the things I needed to do to be successful and get on top of the management cadre. While I recognized that it was God Who gave me the job, I thought I needed to make my career in pursuit of excellence.

Very often, our performance is often directed at better results. One well known author said, ‘If Satan had a formula to define success, it would go like this…. 'Performance of mine plus opinions of others’. This approach may lead to some short-term success but would not please God.

It was not until 17 years later that I truly realized who I worked for. Today’s verse brought a new meaning and recognition that our Lord is my real boss.

Knowing who I am and Whose I am brought a different perspective to excellence at work. It is indeed a liberating thought for me to know that I always work for an audience of One who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Our attitude to work ought to change once we know who we work for and what our calling is. Excellence at work will become second nature.

We can draw upon a number of role models in the Bible—Daniel, Nehemiah and Joseph who excelled in their work while working for pagan kings. We observe from their lives that in their pursuit of excellence, they often faced a conflict of values but were always willing to pay the price, rather than displease the Lord they were serving. God honored them for being faithful.

Lord, help me to understand that whatever I do, I do unto You. Remind me through this day and in the days to come that I work for You and help me to give my best unto You for Your glory and be faithful in whatever You entrusted me with today. Amen