3-Minute Devotions For Women Sampler

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A Prosperous Soul

Twenty-first-century women do everything conceivable to keep their bodies and their minds in good shape. They work out, watch their calories and carbs, and take excellent care of their skin and teeth. On the outside, many women appear to be in excellent health. But what about their souls? What would it profit a woman to be completely fit on the outside and have a sin-sick soul? Maybe you’re one of those women who thrive on staying in shape. Perhaps you even put your external body on the front burner of your life, paying particular attention to diet, exercise, and appearance. As you think about your overall health, consider your soul. Have you given your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ? If so, are you spending enough time with Him? Praying? Reading His Word? These things are necessary for a healthy soul. Today’s scripture is so encouraging. God wants us to prosper and He loves for us to be in good health, even as our souls prosper. If we really think about that, we have to conclude that the health of our soul is even more important than our physical health. Spend some time today giving your soul a workout. 

Lord, sometimes I pay more attention to the outside than the inside. I care more about what people can see than what they can’t. Today I draw near to You. Make me healthy. . .from the inside out. Amen.