3-Minute Devotions For Women Sampler

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Red High Heels 

Fashion gurus love to tell women what to wear. Many like to recommend one pair of red shoes—preferably sassy high heels— to spice up a lady’s wardrobe. Proponents of the advice say having one special pair of shoes to wear when feeling down or depressed can turn a woman’s whole day around, making her feel beautiful and powerful. While fashion trends are fun and we all want to look well-groomed, we can’t forget where true beauty and power come from. Wasn’t it Jesus who taught us not to place our treasure in physical things like our bodies or worry about where our clothes will come from? He promises to provide for us. Shoes scuff, necklaces break, and fabric fades, but true beauty starts from within. When we allow God to dress our spirits in robes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, our inner beauty will far outshine anything we put on our physical bodies.

Dear Father, I want to be a woman whose inner beauty far surpasses her outer beauty, so that when people see me, they are pointed to You and rejoice in Your creation. Amen.