3-Minute Devotions For Women Sampler

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading


I Am a Friend of God 

Friendships are critical to women, and godly friendships are the best. Can you even imagine a world without your girlfriends in it? Impossible! Who would you share your hopes and dreams with? Your goals and aspirations? Oh, what a blessing women of God are! They breathe hope and life into us when we need it most. They laugh along with us at chick flicks. They cry with us when our hearts are broken. Isn’t it amazing to realize God calls us His friend? He reaches out to us with a friendship that goes above and beyond the very best the world has to offer. Best of all, He’s not the sort of friend who loses touch or forgets to call. He’s always there. And while your earthly friends might do a good job of comforting you when you’re down, their brand of comfort doesn’t even begin to compare with the Lord’s. He knows just what to say when things go wrong, and He knows how to throw an amazing celebration when things go well for you. Today, thank the Lord, not just for salvation, not just for the work He’s done in your heart, not just for the people and things He’s placed in your life, but for calling you His friend.

Oh Lord, I’m so blessed to be called Your friend! You’re the best One I’ll ever have. Thank You for the kind of friendship that supersedes all boundaries. Amen.