Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 5

Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 5

DAY 2 OF 6

Read today's Bible references, then read below.


The Lord calls us to make time for Him and to make our time in prayer with Him a number one priority, whether anyone else knows or not.

Do you have a place you can run to with the pressures, concerns, and demands of your world? Is it a place where you know that you will have uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord? Think about how many times we read in the Bible that Jesus went to be by himself to pray. What does this say to you? We can take comfort knowing that if we are making time to be alone with the Lord we are doing the “right” thing, even if we aren’t getting everything else done.

Jesus sets an example for us in every aspect of life. What do you learn from His example of prayer?

Jesus wants us to know how and what to pray. “Who is the Lord speaking to? What is He saying? Why does He say it?” Jesus starts out with a prayer that God's name would be hallowed. Hallowed means revered, respected, or honored. Treated as holy. It is interesting that Jesus tells us to ask God to do this. He is the one who causes people to honor His name (Ex. 20:24).

Is there anyone you have had a disagreement with? Have you done everything you could to restore that relationship? Is there any unforgiveness in your heart? If there is someone you are out of relationship with or that you have not forgiven, pray about any heart issues that you may have with that person.

Now ask yourself, “What keeps me from praying? What keeps me from going to the Lord first and always and continually? Lord, reveal to me my heart.”

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Jesus, I Want to Love You Part 5

In this plan we will look at Jesus’ teaching on prayer in the Sermon on the Mount. Part five of eight in the "Jesus, I Want to Love You" Series, focusing on knowing and loving Jesus more. These plans can be done in any o...

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