The Devotional to End All Devotionals


Spiritual disciplines are the things we do to gain God’s perspective and align ourselves with His will. They include but aren’t limited to Bible study, prayer, participation in the church, and worship. 

Spiritual disciplines are the gas in the car of your faith and will help you get where you want/need to go spiritually. If you don’t practice them, you will stall out right where you are and may begin to roll backward. Don’t let that happen! 

The Bible tells us to quit listening to “myths and old wives’ tales” and take control of your own spiritual training. Unfortunately, most of us spend more time practicing other things than we spend trying to reflect God’s character in our lives. Because this world and our earthly bodies will someday pass away, we should be making the pursuit of godliness our number one priority. 

What are your spiritual goals? If you don’t have any, take a few minutes to set some and tell God about it.