Heart’s Cry

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  'I am safe in your arms, this I know'

In our present times, nations around the world are dealing with threats to the security of their people. Governments are doing everything within their power to ensure their civilians are kept safe. Much like what’s occurring in the world, we too face our own personal battles and at times, it can feel as though our efforts to fortify ourselves amount to nothing. 

However, there’s an assurance that comes from God. 

David knew first-hand what it meant to feel safe despite the attacks from outside. David was literally on the run from Saul for something he did not do and for a very long time. Imagine the constant anxiety one could experience from this. Although, David alluded to this anxiety, he often referred to God as his refuge, fortress and strong tower. I believe he did this to affirm what he knew and experienced. We all know the story. He made it through this season safe and without harm. 

This was the same message I wanted to convey with this line. 

Although there are internal and external battles we may encounter, let’s remember the safety that is found in Christ.