Heart’s Cry

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God is love

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” 

― A.W. Tozer

I remember when I first heard this quote and how it impacted me. Truly, how had I been thinking about God and relating to Him? Most importantly, how had I been relating with Him. Personally, it was a pivotal moment in my Christian walk causing me to search the scriptures. Through searching the scriptures and finding out who God was, I discovered more about personality, His character and nature. 

It was essential for my growth to learn how to relate to him with a better understanding, yet I am grateful this could be achieved. It took time as I simultaneously had to debunk previous thoughts deeply rooted in the culture around me which had become the norm. 

So on this journey, I learned first that God is love. 

Asides all the characters of God’s love, one element that struck me is that His love is responsive. Think about it, when we needed a Saviour, He sent His son. When we needed a guide and helper, He gave us the gift that is the Holy Spirit. How amazing!

My question to you is when last have you thought about who God truly is? When last did you ponder on God's love made freely available to all?

My hope with this song is that we gain a glimpse of this and respond to His agape love in a song of worship.

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