Revive Your Dreams

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Now that you know who God says you are, how much He loves you, and how to overcome your defeatist imagination and surrender your mind to God, uncovering your God-given dreams is the next step. It’s often like searching for a buried treasure. A lifetime of what-ifs, fears, and pessimism may have been piled on top of your dreams so digging them out is a process.

Dig deep for your dreams, because Christ is worthy and you are worth it. From this process, one of my sisters realized, “For the first time in a long time, I’ve learned how to dream again. It helped me realize how good God is. The truth that everything is possible with God finally sank in. It gave me vision and purpose and inspiration, and helped me realize that my life is worth more—that God has a purpose for me.”

Jesus is the head, and we are the body. God uses us to fulfill His plan on this earth. We have to start dreaming again so that God can use us! Jesus’s death was far too much of a sacrifice for us to sit idly on the side waiting and doing nothing in the meantime! He is worthy.

Pray today, and ask God to help you peel back every layer of doubt, fear, and lies that may be keeping you from dreaming God-sized dreams. Ask Him to show you His worth and why the mission He gave you is so important!

Still, inspiration and revelation will only get you so far. Now it is time to move that motivation momentum into practical action. We have a tool to help you get started. It’s called the Stickie Dreamwall. I will be discussing the process of building your own Stickie Dreamwall and, in turn, starting your march towards realizing your dreams. Find it in the reading plan titled Fulfilling Your Purpose.