Revive Your Dreams


What is your opinion of yourself? How you view yourself will determine your ability to accomplish all that God has for you.

If you believe you are a weak, barely saved sinner, then you may back down when life gets tough. It will get tough. Plowing new ground requires hard work, perseverance, and an intimacy and steady trust in the Lord.

If you view yourself through God’s eyes—a forgiven, chosen, loved, blameless, saint who is filled to the full with the Holy Spirit—then when things get hard, you will not back down because you know you are a servant of Christ—a child of God! You are confident that in everything you do, you represent the One True God. You know that where He guides, He provides. So when the provision is not present, you know and trust that it is coming.

It is critical that you know your identity in Jesus Christ! You are special because God molded you, and God doesn’t create mistakes! You aren’t loved because you are loveable. You are loved because God is love. You aren’t valued because you’re valuable. You’re valuable because God made you. You are his child. He desires you.

If we are going to defeat negativity, fear, failure, devastation, and distractions to reclaim our hope, we must start by knowing our true identity in Christ. Lies believed can inhibit God’s powerful plan in our lives. The biggest deception preventing you from achieving your dreams is insecurity.

It will be difficult to stick with God’s view of you if you have not learned to fully trust Him. However, if you spend much time with Him at all, you will discover that your Heavenly Father is the most trustworthy aspect of your life. When you have an intimate relationship with Him, you will know for yourself that your God loves you deeply and He will never leave you or forsake you.