Revive Your Dreams

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


What have you done with the dreams and gifts God has placed in your possession? Each of us has received unique gifts from God. What you do with the talents He has given you is entirely up to you. 

Jesus told a parable about what three men did with the wealth they were entrusted by their master who traveled on a journey. The first one received five bags of gold, the second two bags, and the third one.

The servant who received one bag of gold was a dream killer. He didn’t really know or trust his master. His interest was in protecting himself. Perhaps he dwelt on past failures. The dream killer makes no progress because he imagines the worst possible outcome. 

I define the man who invested two bags of gold as a dream keeper. He saw himself with great success and was proud of the result he delivered. However, his lack of trust made him only willing to invest in a guaranteed result. The investor is oblivious to the fact that his self-preserving actions only limit his opportunity to serve the master. They have more wisdom and drive than dream killers, but they still don’t fully trust God. 

The servant who received the five bags of gold was a dream lifter. He knew and trusted his master, so he was willing to risk everything to serve him. He was not concerned with himself or afraid of hard work, and most likely, his past experience with serving the master had proven successful. His hope carried his imagination. Dream lifters inspire people! Their enthusiasm rubs off on those around them and they motivate others into action without trying. They invest without fear, knowing that it is God who will bring a good return on their obedience. 

So which are you: a dream keeper, dream killer, or dream lifter? If you are a dream killer, what is suppressing your ability to dream? Is it fear? Failure? Hopelessness? Negative influences? Are you a dream keeper with big dreams and little action? Ask God to reveal where you might not fully know his love and power in your life. 

If you are a dream lifter who trusts God and you are executing on your dreams only in small ways— press onward! God is able to do more than you can think, ask, imagine, or dream.