Revive Your Dreams

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We consistently note that young children are dreamers! Young adults are quieter and more reserved. They are hesitant to share and seem shy or embarrassed to announce their dreams openly. Adults are a mixed bag. Sometimes, we get the ones who don’t dream at all for themselves, and other times we meet those who are still dreaming machines. 

What has to occur to turn the free, young-spirited dreamer into the reserved teen / young adult, and finally the pessimistic adult? At what point in our lives are dreams suppressed? 

It could be a pessimistic pattern from fear, past failures, loss, or devastating circumstances that has resulted in a negative mindset. 

•Fear prevents you from living in total freedom.  

•Failure is a dream killer. Feelings of failure will prevent you from taking risks and obeying God. 

•Loss and devastating circumstances can crush you and limit your ability to dream again! 

Whatever our negative mind-set, we must replace negative thoughts with Truth to revive our lives for God's work! When we partner with Him, we achieve more than we can imagine. Trust that God’s wisdom is better than yours. It’s not too late. Let the Truth motivate you and help you realize you are worthy of purpose. Release the past. Release the past failures. Release fears. Release despair. Lay it all down today. Start listening to God, and become a passionate dream lifter!