I'll Keep My Dreams!



God created you for a particular purpose. Too often, we look outside ourselves instead of inside to discover our purpose. With pervasive social media, it's so easy to focus on other's lives and esteem their accomplishments while dismissing our own. If we are experiencing difficulty being ourselves, it's even more tempting to want to be and imitate others. We need to be wise. It's one thing to follow others to gain insights on living lives that glorify God. It's another thing to follow others in covetousness.  

Being yourself requires personal leadership. Times will arise when you'll have to take a stand for your faith and your purpose that will put you at odds with mainstream  thinking. As Believers, we should follow Jesus. 

"My" denotes ownership of something. Someone else's life and talents don't belong to me. I've been blessed with my own life and talents.  I'm made to fulfill a specific purpose. Though I can be skilled at doing other things that may be good and pay well, if they aren't essential to my purpose, I'll likely sense a feeling of dissatisfaction. 

My fulfillment and my purpose are connected. How can I be at peace being me if I'm not doing what I was created to do? I'm accountable to God for how I use my (and not others') talents and life -- no excuses will be tolerated. After all, who wants to join the ranks of the fearful steward chronicled in Matthew 25 and Luke 19?