I'll Keep My Dreams!



Dreams and gifting are also provocative. Just because you're gifted, doesn't mean success will come easy or fast. You will likely have to fight for it -- the good fight of faith. Recall Joseph (who journeyed from the pit to the prison to the palace)...consider Ruth (who transitioned from wife to poor widow to heiress)...and think of David (who moved from shepherd to champion to fugitive to king).

Interestingly, their challenges provided platforms for demonstration of God's glory and salvation. Joseph's slavery positioned him to engage with Pharaoh, demonstrate his gift of interpreting dreams, and ultimately become Prime Minister. Famine positioned Ruth to demonstrate her gifts of love, diligence, and loyalty, gaining restoration for her family and her inclusion within the lineage of King David and Jesus the Messiah. David's triumph over Goliath showcased God's might and God's selection of a king after His own heart. Intimidating circumstances became setups for God's glory and plans.

Where are you in your journey of dream fulfillment? Wherever you are, God is with you. Please don't reduce God's proximity to your feelings and circumstances (which are changeable and temporary). To know God is to know His Word, the Bible. God and His Word are one. God and His Word are true.

Know, receive, and trust God's love. He will never leave or forsake you!

Trust His timing. Though your God-given dreams may seem to tarry, they will come to pass in due season. Hold on! Keep your grip on what God has given and promised you!

Thanks for completing this plan!

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