I'll Keep My Dreams!



When I think of the word "keep", the image of a hand grasping something tightly comes to mind. This simple action reflects a firm decision. 

God is the same and doesn't change. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. When God designed each of us, His purpose for us preceded His design of us. This means He equipped us to be successful at being us -- regardless of the challenges facing us.

Knowing the enemy is opposed to God's work, should you be surprised by resistance to fulfilling your God-given purpose? God's leading, not challenging circumstances, should be your compass. Listen to and talk with God to ensure you're aligned with His plan for use of your talents. Get and stay aligned with His plan. Then, proceed as He guides. When (not if) challenges arise, trust God to keep His Word and keep you.

Remember God is the Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent One. As a Believer, you are His child, the apple of His eye. He calls you His and declares: 

- He's with you when you go through deep waters;

- you won't drown when you go through rivers of difficulty; and 

- you won't burn when you walk through the fire of oppression (Isaiah 43:1-2). 

You, your dreams, and your talents matter! You have purpose to fulfill. God has designed you to fulfill your purpose.   

Believers believe. Keep your head up! Keep your grip on what God has given and promised you!