Holy Hustle: Embrace A Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life

Holy Hustle: Embrace A Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life

DAY 3 OF 10

There are Legos all over our house. Our collection began with just a few sets at Christmas one year, and now there are bins and bins of little colorful blocks. As my daughter builds, the larger Lego pieces are used first. They’re the ones that set the stage, the ones that overshadow the hundred little plastic bags full of nearly invisible parts, necessary and perfectly equipped for their purpose.

Sometimes I want nothing more than to be, like those larger Legos pieces, the established, obvious choice. But the larger and more impressive Lego pieces don’t make as much difference once the building is finished, not like you might think they would. As I picked up horses and mini figures, tiny hedgehogs, and sparkly snowflakes, I realized sometimes the smallest piece of the set makes the biggest impact.

Little pieces of clear plastic, nearly invisible, create beautiful windows.

Sparkly little dots add final touches to roofs and tables.

Carrot noses complete snowmen, and tiny ice skates adorn tiny feet.

Often, I’m the accent piece that plays a small supporting role. The quiet one overshadowed by the larger-than-life personality. The one who assumes I'm easily replaceable or unnecessary for the finished product—nice to have, but not a “must have.” But how generous of God to create the body of Christ specifically and intentionally to need every part—no matter how large or small.

Do you feel like one of the tiny, overlooked pieces in the kit? Are you still not sure that what looks plain and ordinary and messy could ever be part of the holy kingdom work your heart longs to offer to the world? Do you wonder how you can stay where God has called you when you aren’t sure the work you’ve been given is good enough?

Your presence and your purpose matter. Whether we’re the most impressive piece in a pile (helping others to stand firm!) or the smallest accent (shining brightly!), we glorify God when we unite for His kingdom. You are irreplaceable, perfectly equipped, and incredibly necessary to the work God has planned for you. In Christ, we can do more than we could ever imagine.

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Holy Hustle: Embrace A Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life

Balance. It's what we long for in our lives as we hear shouts of "work harder!" in one ear, and whispers to "rest more" in the other. What if God's plan for us isn't just one way or the other? Enter holy hustle—a lifesty...

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