The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

DAY 2 OF 7

Sitting and waiting for longer than usual in the hospital pharmacy, my youngest son found a flavored tongue depressor under a chair…and licked it. Yes! In the most germ-riddled place where everyone carrying every kind of disease congregates, the lure of the sweet smell on a fancy, bright red, animal topped stick sucked him in. Tongue and all. I almost puked while his big eyes searched mine trying to figure out why I was so upset.

A few days passed as I kept an eagle eye on him but he didn’t get sick. He obviously had enough antibodies to fight off the germs and I was astounded at his immune system.

Often when we have sat in the world long enough something allures us, draws us in and we consume it. The smell, the taste, the glitz and thrill of the find. We know better but we just can’t resist. Just like my son experienced, those around us might be appalled and horrified. They gag and puke at the thought of our actions while we stare on, wondering what is the problem. If we have been consuming the world long enough, this is not a new fight. We might not even get sick. We have become immune to the ingestion of those germs. Yet the Bible states that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Instead of focusing on not getting sick, let us choose instead to ingest holiness.

In what area of your life are you willingly ingesting sin or unhealthy things? 

Father, give me eyes to see with clarity all that I desire to consume. Make me aware of things I am putting in my life that are not good for me. Give me strength to admit my choices and a desire to choose holiness instead.

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The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

This mom of 4 boys ponders a lot of life while meeting with Jesus on her porch swing. One constant remains, the swing's shadow. While shadows can often seem scary, a shadow actually proves a light is shining. These stori...

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