The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

DAY 7 OF 7

Yesterday was full. I’ve been embracing more margin in my days, so when I see a list of to-do’s stacked together on one day it kind of makes my insides cringe. They were all good things: Bible study, monthly lunch date, deliver a meal to a friend, school open house and our weekly family night. I had my timeline set, kids loaded up and we headed down the road...twice actually, well to be honest, it should have been three times because I still forgot my grocery list, but twice late was enough already. During our drive to school, I quickly ran through our morning routine with the kids: gifts song, family cheer & our character trait for this week...obedience. 

Obedience: doing what you’re asked, right away, with a willing attitude. Get it, got it, go.

Ending lunch, I set off to check the rest of the list. Needing to stop by the store to grab bread to go with the dinner I was delivering, I run through a mental list of ‘what else should I bring?’ (note the forgotten list above) Maybe some snacks for the kids, some chips or drinks, and just like that comes ‘bring them a box of diapers’. What? Diapers have nothing to do with food. Back I go to considering snack options as I walk in the store...on the health & beauty side no less. (I really have a problem of not entering stores on the side I actually need to be on). ‘Go buy a box of diapers.’ It is so loud, so overwhelming and so NOT snack related that I can’t ignore it. After all, I did just quiz the kids on the definition of obedience. Grabbing diapers and bread, I check out and drive on.

Arriving and unloading, I ring the doorbell. Food bag in one hand and diapers in the other, still confused by my recent purchase. When my friend opens the door, my awkward greeting is ‘Hi, I brought food...and a box of diapers...umm not sure if you need these.’ Now you would have thought I brought a lottery check. Grabbing the diapers and hugging them she tells me all about how she couldn’t stop at the store after the doctor appointment because their special needs kids were in crisis and needed to get home and that they only have two diapers left. I couldn’t do anything but smile and hug her. 

Jesus loves her family extravagantly, and let me in on just how much today. Thank you, Jesus, for ears to hear in the midst of ‘busy’ and for the obedience lesson this morning that helped me follow Your lead.

What act of obedience is God waiting on you to complete? Are you listening for His voice today?

Father, thank you that you promise to lead me in both the little and big things in life. Help me recognize your voice today.

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The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

This mom of 4 boys ponders a lot of life while meeting with Jesus on her porch swing. One constant remains, the swing's shadow. While shadows can often seem scary, a shadow actually proves a light is shining. These stori...

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