The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

DAY 5 OF 7

Have you ever tried to take gummy bears from a toddler? Well, I have a toddler that is passionate about gummies of all sorts. Sour, sweet, bears, worms and especially those little packages that hang out in our snack bin. I’ve been finding empty wrappers around the house lately, stuffed behind pillows and even under my bed.

I promise I feed him...All. The. Time.

I caught him in action yesterday morning before my world was up and running. When his eyes met mine every gummy from the package quickly found a hiding place inside his clamped fists. It was amazing really; the speed at which they disappeared. I knew better, he wasn’t just going to hand them over but I tried asking anyway. Ha! What was I thinking? 

So I did what every good mom does at 7:00 am when your child is opting for candy instead of breakfast nutrition...I tried to open his hand to get them. It was quite hilarious. My effort pitted against the tiny iron fist. The calm with which he stood there, staring, locked down on his prized possession, knowing those gummies weren’t going anywhere. I gave up and started laughing as Scripture rushed through my head.

"My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Fatherʼs hand." John 10:29

Just as those gummies found a swift, complete and secure shelter in that fist, so I found an immediate, complete and secure place in God’s hand when I chose Jesus as my Savior. And if Jesus is your saving hope, you have the same security. He chose us first, before the world was awakened, and made us His prized possession. Rest secure. You’re not going anywhere.

Father, thank you that you will never let me go. No matter how hard the world pulls and pries, I cannot be removed from your hand. Thank you for holding me safe and secure and for making me your most prized possession. 

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The Shadow Of My Porch Swing - The Presence Of God

This mom of 4 boys ponders a lot of life while meeting with Jesus on her porch swing. One constant remains, the swing's shadow. While shadows can often seem scary, a shadow actually proves a light is shining. These stori...

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